Hello world!

Hey all!

Cliff and I are leaving in a couple days for the big Surfari 2015. We are headed off to Mexico! We will be driving my Ford F150 surf-wagon, packed with camping gear, musical instruments, and surfboards down through the heart of mainland Mexico, headed to the beach. Hmmm….. that reminds me of a long-forgotten song: To the beaches down in Mexico – Down the cactus-bordered road I go…

So we are pumped! My garage is full of all our gear, ready to be packed into the truck this Sunday afternoon (I do have a couple gigs this weekend and will need to pack up the ‘ol PA system one more time before leaving Monday morning). Tents, chairs, hammocks, guitars, mandolins, surf gear, tools, ice chests and etc. are all assembled and ready to be stowed!

It’s the BIG ADVENTURE!! It’s going to be awesome with Cliff; my only regret is that Paige is not able to go on this trip. Alas! Maybe best that Cliff and I make all the mistakes this trip, so Paige and I can have a smooth voyage next time around…. !

I hear there is a possible hurricane forming off the coast of Mexico as I write this…. by the time we get there next week, it will have passed on by. It’s supposed to be a little windy down there over the next few days!

So, I will be (b)logging daily, noting our progress, route, and specific issues getting through the many towns and cities along the way. Here’s the basic plan:

Monday morning, June 15. Leave Chico at 4 AM. We will head south on Hiway 5, then east at Bakersfield. We should make it to the the Arizona border town of Lukeville by sunset.

Tuesday morning, June 16. Cross the border at Lukeville. Deal with customs and immigration and head south! Our destination for that day is Los Mochis.

Wednesday morning, June 17. Continue south, heading for Tepic where we will spend that night.

Thursday morning, June 18. Last day on the road. We will go straight through Guadalajara toward Morelia, then head toward the coast. Should hit our beach, near Ixtapa, Guerrero, late afternoon…

Then will settle in for a month of good surfing, good music and good times!

So, a little Fleetwood Mac this evening; a little Mossy Creek tomorrow afternoon…pack the truck on Sunday and ADIOS!!!

to be continued!


One thought on “Hello world!

  1. Holy mackerel, you are living the dream! Wishing you safe travels and big waves. I will be following your blog with envy! Get good pics of surfing… Zoom in as much as possible!


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