Ooch! My aching back!


One day closer to departure! About to unpack the massive and heavy PA equipment from the back of my truck! I really pushed it last night with Running in the Shadows, my Fleetwood Mac tribute band. Too much heavy gear for this old and creaky back of mine! (The gig was super-fun, tho!). I did not ‘throw out my back,’ but i’m moving kinda slow today! I am only too keenly aware of my fragile condition and WILL NOT injure myself on the eve of my departure! I do not plan to spend days in agony on the road and then watch the surfers from the beach!

One more gig today with Mossy Creek (no heavy lifting!). Then off to dinner with Paige and my mom. Mañana, Cliff and I will load up ‘ol Woodrow (read: surf-wagon) and then settle in for a half-night’s sleep.

We leave Monday morning at 4.


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