Now we are smiling :) :)

So… we are in Guaymas — many miles from home!

We found the genius mechanic that Paige told me we would find!

We crossed the border this morn, about 7 AM. Went right to the Pemex and asked the attendant if he knew any genius mechanics who could fix AC units. The guy said he would call his friend and the friend would come to us. We waited.

An hour so so later this guy, Ignacio, THE GENIUS, showed up. He pulled off the serpentine belt and, wow, you could hear how funky the AC pulley was. Just very raw sounding as he spun it with his fingers. He told us to follow him back to his place. He had the AC unit apart in less than 5 min. The seal was shot and the bearings were dry and really noisy…. this thing would not have last much longer before seizing up!

He had spare parts there at his place – at one point he even took his own AC unit out of his Ford Bronco – same AC unit – and was gonna install it in my truck — he was missing a couple of spacers, specific little washers – so he went back to town and got the parts. We sat in his yard for an hour or so waiting, kind of napping. Ignacio finally returned and got to work He ended up putting in a different unit he had lying around his shop — Had us back up and running within a few minutes of his return !! OH… then he checked the freon level – was low so he topped it off…. love this guy.


cost: $100

So, we lost a few hours with all this, but had a nice smooth and cool ride today. Didn’t get as far as we had originally planned.  Guaymas, is really nice. Real nice dinner tonite – shower too!

At least two more days on the road…

Adios for now!

Afterword: I just read this to Cliff. He wondered why I did not include the $100 bribe in my story. The bribe I had to give the cop. Right after we got the truck fixed. For going 35 in a 25.


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